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Unable to built pfc project

Thank you for deleting the other two posting, unfortunately the one with the original has been deleted too 

Okay, once again :

I get this error message while compiling the PFC project with VS2k3 and the 0.7b29 SDK :

mem_block.h(189): error C2247: 'ALLOC_FAST_DONTGODOWN' not accessible because 'mem_block_t<T>' uses 'private' to inherit from 'mem_block'

Unable to built pfc project

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Get a real compiler.

mem_block.h line 189:
mem_block_fastalloc(unsigned initsize=0) {set_mem_logic(mem_block::ALLOC_FAST_DONTGODOWN);if (initsize) prealloc(initsize);}

No matter what inheritance permissions are used, mem_block::ALLOC_FAST_DONTGODOWN is public in mem_block, and it should compile; if it doesn't, then your compiler is a worthless piece of shit.

Unable to built pfc project

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Get a real compiler.

I use a real compiler....the latest version of the same compiler you use for your development work. Come on, it shouldn't be too difficult to make the SDK compatible with 6.0/.NET and 2003, so please don't post such arrogant answers. If you want that other developers write components for your software you should stop with posting like that...

Unable to built pfc project

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It's a very obvious compiler bug and I don't see any clean way to workaround it on my side (other than copying/moving the enum from mem_block declaration and possibly editing all code using it).

Unable to built pfc project

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Just out of curiosity, is there a reason you're using private inheritance there, Peter?

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