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Good double cd jewl cases?

I've got a set of blues discs in double cd cases—the single disc size ones, not the big fatties from yesteryear. Now, a lot of these have a black insert with a creaky hinge on the left side, the same side where the clear jewel case opens. The engineering of these is horrible—some hinges are so tight they snap when trying to open the case to reach the second disc, or even when just trying to close the damn thing. The plastic used is incredibly brittle, with the prongs meant to hold discs in place crumbling off after a few uses.

I can get similar inserts on Amazon, to replace these monstrosities, and pray they are not made by the same people with the same materials, but I am really hoping you might help me find something better.

There is another double disc jewel case with a black insert, but it does not have the creaky hinges, and the insert opens out to the right, instead of to the left. I think these have been around longer, but I am having a hell of a time finding any from some place trustworthy. What I've found are from sites I've never heard of, operating in places unknown.

I've not had as much issue with clear double disc jewel cases—only those with black inserts.

Any ideas?

Re: Good double cd jewl cases?

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Well, I can only advice  to buy only well known brand names. I've searched Amazon, and saw there is Maxell, Memorex, Verbatim, HAMA. These are known in Europe, I don't know for the rest of the world.
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Re: Good double cd jewl cases?

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Just to be clear, I am talking about empty CD jewel cases, not the CDs themselves. KEYIN, for example, produces empty CD cases.


Re: Good double cd jewl cases?

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My english is not that rusty :) those companies make empty media, yes, but they do make empty cases as well.
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Re: Good double cd jewl cases?

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Jewel cases are made of HIPS and LOPS (HIPS is the part that holds the CD inside the case, LOPS is the clear part).
Those plastics aren't sturdy at all, like ABS plastic. As a result all Jewel cases are more or less squeaky, and attract scratches like laser pointers attract cats.
Perhaps you can find jewel case made out of PC and PVC, but I don't remember any. However I do remember cassette cases made out of PVC but they were not clear, they had no ordinary J-card, etc.

There are ways you can somewhat restore the plastic of your jewel cases: You need a heat gun, set to around 160°C - 180°C, and you heat up the stressed areas for a second or two. If the plastic has gotten stiffer over the years, this will soften it shortly, allowing for a bit of extra slack when it re-hardens.
For lubrication, use silicon grease. Just a tiny amount on the hinges. Whether this is too much work for just a jewel case, you have to decide for yourself.
The only Jewel cases I buy new, are the large ones, made of PP and used for Bluray discs. There are many different variants of those, and you can probably find the ones you like best. I usually search for "clear double blu ray case" on things like AliExpress, etc.
The old paper inlays won't fit as nicely, but you said yourself, the engineering on those older LOPS-based jewel cases is pretty horrible in general.

I don't replace old jewel cases (the regular CD-case sized ones), with the same kind, instead I just put the inlays into Blu-Ray cases made of PP when the original cases perish. It's not as pretty, but there's no better alternative at this point, imo. These sturdy, large Blu-Ray cases come with inner flaps for up to six discs in total, plenty for pretty much any multi-CD collection.

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