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Could someone please tell me how to insert log files into a codebox? Also, what is the best way to insert dialog boxes? Save them as JPGs and then select them using the link below, and then dragging them into the appropriate spot in the body? I read the stickies about inserting, but don't quite know what is being explained.

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Use the code tags, they will automatically become boxes on this forum:

Use the Code tag:

Code: [Select]

[ code ]test[ /code ] (without the spaces)

Re: Codeboxes

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Or use the button in the editor. Just highlight the text (hold the left mouse button and drag pointer over text) then click the code button.

When dealing with message windows that cannot be copied as plain text (e.g. exception or error dialog) it may be helpful to capture an image as a .jpg. Attached .jpg(s) will all appear at the bottom of the message (inline attachments not working) but links to image URLs can be placed anywhere. However when using free online image sharing sites, your .jpg will likely be deleted after a period of time so users who read the thread later won't see the pic.

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No, apparently, inline attachments were never meant to work any more than they currently do. The thing we had before was an addon that no longer works.

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Thank you for the help kode54, codebox worked great! I will never paste a mile long file log into the body again! I will have to make a file with those instructions because I'm sure I will forget!
What I did with the images was save snips as jpgs, just as you suggest korth, and uploaded them by selecting off my computer using the utility below. I then tried to drag them into the body from there, which did succeed by inserting hyperlinks in the body, but when you clicked on the links the file was VERY small. I then tried wrapping the link text as per the pinned topic Inlined Images with  , which did result in inline pictures, but again the same VERY small ones. So it sounds like what you guys are saying is the only option for the text box jpgs is as attachments below. That's fine, I'll just reference them in the body and name the files appropriately as the names are visible on the links.

Re: Codeboxes

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I see what you're saying now korth, I could insert the address for hosted larger size photos on a site, but then they could get deleted as you say. I also see the code button now. Wow, I don't have to hit the bracket keys and the forward slash, kind of takes the fun out of it...thanks for your help guys!

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