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Foobar2000 DSD problem


I am not sure that I am in the right place to ask this question. I have a problem setting up DSD on my FIIO k3 - which I believe supports it.

Did step by step this guyide which uses Super Audio CD Decoder Component and ASIO Support Component.

When I start playing DSD file - there is no sound just hiss.

The thing that mildly fixes the problem is when in Preferences>Tools>SACD in Asio Driver mode I select PCM instead of DSD.

However, the FIIO Dac is supposed to turn green when playing DSD but it stays yellow and the sound is mediocre I think.

Can someone help me with that?

Re: Foobar2000 DSD problem

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Can you paste your settings for the SACD plugin, for Output and for ASIO? Usually this is a driver problem, not a foobar problem. Oh, and just a shot in the dark: Set the SACD mode to DSD+PCM.

Re: Foobar2000 DSD problem

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The person in this video is using horribly outdated stuff for doing this. If this video was made in 2019; he's three years behind as by the time I finally dropped the money on a DSD DAC, it was late 2016 and that method was already made obsolete.

remove foo_dsd_asio.
Download the most recent SACD component.
Set the SACD plugin to either DSD or DSD+PCM.
Set your ASIO output to "DSD: ASIO: (whatever your card is)
Make sure all Windows volume sliders (and your sound card driver if it has one) to maximum.

If your device is reporting 176.4khz but you're still getting hiss when playing DSD files; then *something* is modifying the audio stream before it gets to the DAC. You cannot modify a DoP stream as the DoP headers disappear and it's no longer a DoP file.

When DoP is working; your DAC should flip in to DSD mode.

If your DAC is new enough to support "native DSD mode"; then download DSDTranscoder. You configure it to your ASIO device as well as how to handle the DSD/DoP formats (outputting as DSD or DoP). You then set DSDTranscoder up as the ASIO output device the same as before, making sure you pick a DSD: prefixed device.

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