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no covers diplayed

hi folks ,I have just installed Foobar 2000 and imported from external usb hda all my ripped  my cd.
No covers are displayed...? no way to select something because nothing appears...
can you hel me ?
tks giovanni


Re: no covers diplayed

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You don't give a single detail for people to help you. What file format are your rips, do they actually have covers, are the covers stored in tags or in external files, if external files what kind of names and file format do you use...

Re: no covers diplayed

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It depends on where the album cover art is stored.  Some players can read EMBEDDED album art from tags inside the MP3, while others need a folder.jpg art picture in the album folder that gets read.  I speculate, as am using FOOBAR2000 and MUSICBEE and ITUNES which all display album art differently depending on the source. 

Anyone understand this differently? 

Re: no covers diplayed

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Thanks Sacduser!  Used that video to explain how to change/improve the settings on my FOOBAR2000. 

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