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Running in background

I am a pro audio repair tech with a large workshop and use foobar2000 to provide a loop of test music to equipment running on soak that I don't actually listen to.

My PC is running VLC as the primary source of music and general sounds running through a USB sound device and I have Foobar2000 running in the background running with its own USB sound device. I can give more details if needed.

I am running Win10 pro on a very resourceful PC.

I can not get Foobar2000 to run for any length of time. It just stalls and needs closing and restarting the playlist constantly.

My question is.. is this a Windows 10 thing as several other audio apps exhibit the same issue. Why can't I get two audio apps to run together nicely.


Re: Running in background

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I have foobar2000 running on the background on my Win10 machine pretty much all the time and it has never stalled or shown any other signs of problems. So I'd say Win10 isn't the problem here. Does the console report any errors? Have you tried different output components?

Re: Running in background

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I haven't tried different components, I will swap device over the weekend and see how they run.

Can you tell me where to find the error logs please?

So you have FB2K running with another audio app with no issues?

Re: Running in background

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Hi there,

Just a guess here - the issue might not be using two audio apps, but rather playing two USB audio outputs at the same time. I have no specific knowledge on this so I refer you to this Google search with several articles - "windows 10 two audio devices"

By the looks of it, it would depend on if your audio drivers provide the necessary "Stereo Mix" option. And if not, a few of the articles recommend a free third-party app called VoiceMeeter.

(Whether or not this is relevant to what you are trying to do, I'm not entirely sure  :-\  )


Re: Running in background

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I have just tested playing with VLC and Foobar at the same time on my laptop. No problem.

Error messages are seen in Foobar View / Console.

Are you using Wasapi foobar component and manufactor device driver?


Re: Running in background

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OK. I have it running perfectly now. Thanks for all your tips.

I found Win10 has a settings page in audio settings that lets you tell an app which audio device to use.

Since finding and setting that up it is working perfectly. I feel a bit of a goose.

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