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Search inside multiline fields

Hello guys,

For the last days I've been spinning my head around with a mass tags processing job that my files needed since a long time ago. I've got some invaluable help here on the forum, but it seems that I cannot apply it.

So the when trying to use %lyrics% HAS ... or "$strstr(%lyrics%,...)" GREATER 0 or similar, I never get any results. When the same formulas are used for artist, title, album, etc. everything works as expected. The only reason that I can think about is the fact that lyrics contain multiple lines.

I've read the Query Syntax Help document, I've searched around for any info related to multiline fields, but I cannot seem to find anything...

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Search inside multiline fields

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Maybe you need to temporarily increase the limits in LargeFieldsConfig.txt in the Foobar2000 directory so that long tags (regardless of the number of lines) are read into the database. And make sure lyrics is not listed among the fieldSpam. This will increase memory use.

Re: Search inside multiline fields

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Thanks! It worked!

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