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Burning FLAC files to DVD disc (DVD Audio)

Hi all,
First timer here on this forum.
I'm trying to locate a software program that will enable FLAC audio files to be burned to a DVD disc. Many years ago I used a great piece of software called Audio DVD Creator by a company called Goland. It enabled the burning of live concert FLAC recordings (which would typically span two or sometimes three CD's) to be burned on single DVD disc. The icing on the cake was that the burning was gap-less - so there were no split second gaps between tracks, which for live recordings is extremely annoying.
It's a few years since I've used it and now unfortunately, the programme is no longer supported or updated. When trying to run the last version on Windows 7 I'm encountering error messages like the one attached (e.g. failed to load the CDwriterpro burning engine) and sometimes the programme just crashes mid-burn.
I have trawled the net the last few days but it seems that what may have been similar programmes are also now obsolete, Would anyone out there know of any current programmes that could do what I've described above?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Burning FLAC files to DVD disc (DVD Audio)

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CDBurnerXP might work.

Re: Burning FLAC files to DVD disc (DVD Audio)

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well what can I joke, for about 12 months on and off, I've been struggling with the gapless problem on burning live dvd's. ...but tonight it's finally been solved thanks to  Apesbrain, korth and .halverhahn. I went with the lplex option and after some apprehension over it's design I finally got an iso file and burned it using the cdburnerxp. The three step process to convert to wave (couldn't figure out what flac lpcm meant on the lplex window!!), create the iso and then burn it, takes a bit more time that my old programme - but beggars can't be choosers, so again ....Thank you thank you thank you - I'll be forever in your debt.

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