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unrecoverable playback error message

i have the following gear:

Dell E6440 laptop, 16gb ram, W10 pro
usb out to smsl su-8 dac.
wd mycloud server for storage
foobar 2k, with both wasapi components installed.
i also have a schiit modi 3, that will get the same error message.

the laptop just got added. I had another Dell, but it wasn't having these problems.

I have tried selecting either DAC as the output, as either event or shared. I get the error message in the attachment. it works with push, but i don't believe i get a bit perfect rendering that way.

what can i do to try to fix this?

Re: unrecoverable playback error message

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You get bit-perfect output with both event and push based outputs. Only the WASAPI shared is different. It's resampled when needed and it always goes through the Windows mixer. Are you using latest version of the WASAPI component? Are you using manufacturer's drivers for the devices?

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