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Autohotkey search script for foo_quicksearch

Three hotkeys to search using the foo_quicksearch tool for the selected tracks Artist(s), title, or Remixer(s). Only one track should be selected at a time. Searches for multiple artists/remixes when seperated by a comma or &. Values that have a short length and/or combined with an & sign may give large unintended matches (Artist is W&W for example). Toolbar must be set to Extended under Match option.

Thought I might try to give back a little. Been working on tons of little things like this to make life easier for managing music for years. I'm an amatuer and sloppy programmer as you'll see, so it is what it is, and may have some querks. If it doesnt work for you, I may or may not be able to help. If this is useful for you let me know and I'll try to post some more scripts. Good luck.

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