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Bit depth and sample rate cached somehow?

Say, I have some albums in the form of single FLAC files with corresponding CUE sheets, that are, say, 24 bits 192000 Hz. I convert them via Foobar to 16\44.1. Then I delete the originals and use the new converted files with the old CUE sheets. However, in status bar and details menu they still display the old tech info of 24/192. Which they clearly are not, it's obvious from the size, and if I load them without the .cue, they show the correct info. I can't get where this info is stored. Does Foobar keep some kind of cache (which seems unlikely to me) or is it somehow embedded in the .cue file itself? This info is not editable from details menu.

Re: Bit depth and sample rate cached somehow?

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foobar2000 caches most small metadata both in the Media Library, and in every playlist you have track entries loaded into. You need to shift-right-click and use the context menu to force an info reload.

Re: Bit depth and sample rate cached somehow?

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Oh I see. This works, thank you.

Re: Bit depth and sample rate cached somehow?

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For a quick clarification, this information is only cached once in memory for all of those separate locations that count toward caching the data. When you save your settings, or quit the player, that one unique block of cached data will then be saved to the internal playlist format for all those locations. This means writing an FPL file for each internal playlist, and for the Media Library. Each one also has its own string pool, so redundant strings don't take up extra space.

This is slightly different from the Mobile version, and the macOS version, which are pretty much a major overhaul, and store lots of data in Sqlite databases, and much of that data is not kept permanently resident in memory. They still cache track information, though.

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