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foo_input_tak Crash

Just now I encountered a crash on foobar2000.

Looking at the crash report, it seems that the cause was the TAK Decoder plugin:
Crash location:
Module: foo_input_tak
Offset: 3CB2h
I have the latest version of foobar and it states that it is compatible, but this was the first time I used that particular decoder to convert something to MP3 and it crashed the application three times in a row.

People may want to stay away from this for now. I've sent the crash report through to the team, and I didn't really have much use for that particular component myself anyway.

Re: foo_input_tak Crash

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After kode54's suggestion the TAK Decoder in the repository was changed to my version of the component.

Re: foo_input_tak Crash

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So kode54 was made aware of this?

Re: foo_input_tak Crash

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Correct. I even suggested it in the first place.

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