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How To Enable Playlist Tabs

Hello all,
I have used Foobar2000 for years on my tower system. I have now installed it on my new laptop, and I want it to work just like my old tower. The issue I have is it does not show the playlist tabs. I am used to using the tabs in order to select the top playlists I wish to listen to while I work.

I have searched high and low, compared all the settings between both systems, and I cannot find a way to get the tabs. Can anyone help lead me to my solution?

Thanks in advance,

Re: How To Enable Playlist Tabs

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Hi there,

If you still have access to your old system, you could just export your old theme and import it to the new install. That way, with the same components also installed, it will be exactly the same. The methods depend which UI you are using - Default UI or Columns UI?

On DUI, have a look at Preferences > Display > Default User Interface. Use the 'Export Theme' button to save a FTH file, copy it to your new computer and 'Import Theme' on same page.

(On CUI, same type of thing, Preferences > Display > Columns UI > Main tab > Import / Export buttons for FCL file)

Otherwise to actually edit your layout on DUI, you can View menu > Layout > Enable Layout Editing Mode. With this on, right-click in your layout to add or replace elements. You can also use View menu > Layout > Create Scratchbox to design a layout from scratch, and copy over elements from the current layout, all by right-click. Here is a video. (Remember to turn off Layout Editing Mode when finished)

(On CUI, you add 'Playlist Tabs' panel in Preferences > Display > Columns UI > Layout, by right-click in the tree. A little more complicated...)


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