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foo_external_tags problems with adding replaygain

I'm using the external tags instead of m-tags for several reasons, one of them is I don't want to use absolute paths, and I don't want foobar to show me the m-tag files and the original files in my library at the same time.

But for some files I just cannot add replay gain, even for some .mp3 files. I scan them, it calculates the replay gain value, then I click add, but afterwards no replay gain values seem to be added.

I looked inside the tag files. Usually it stores tags like title, album, etc., plus the replay gain value, but there is always some specific tag at the beginning. The files where I cannot add replay gain values have this starting tag, but they don't have the title or album tag. There is a replay gain tag inside, but the problem is it does not store the title and album tags, so foobar cannot even recognize them as being tag files for another original file.

Is this some known problem? What can I do?

Re: foo_external_tags problems with adding replaygain

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Thanks for reporting, it was not a known problem. Should be fixed in the latest version.

Re: foo_external_tags problems with adding replaygain

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It works now, and that's great, thank you very much. :-)

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