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Topic: HOW TO USE Behringer CMD-PL1 to control Foobar 2000 (latest version) (Read 75 times) previous topic - next topic
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HOW TO USE Behringer CMD-PL1 to control Foobar 2000 (latest version)

I need to learn on how to program Behringer CMD PL-1 Controller to use with Foobar 2000( v 1.52.).
So far only thing I found out is that it is related to "MIDI MAPPING" aspects ( which i do not know how to configure).

I  ask you more experienced people: Is there a GUIDE tha shows how to properly configure Behringer  CONTROLLER CMD-PL1 MIDI mappings to work completely with Foobar 2000 (1.52). (or vice-versa)
 I even downloaded a midi complement from components page..but to me it was useless for the lack of knowledge I have.

The hardware is a very nice one indeed and I look forward to be able to use it with my other gear.
 Bought it almost one year ago..and it's still in the box... waiting for solution.

I really hope someone can instruct me accordingly !

Thanks in advance!
Marcio RJ Brazil.

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