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Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

I downloaded cuetools 2.1.6 and finally figured out that I had to right click to extract files, which I did so now there's a folder in Downloads on my Windows 10 laptop with a bunch of other folders and files in it. Which one(s) do I use to install the program? Are there more than one program? What's the difference between cuetools and cueripper? When I click on those files it looks like a program has opened with a UI, but I never clicked on an .exe or .dll file to install anything, and there's nothing in my program list that says cuetools, cueripper etc.

Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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Just unpack the archive to any folder; no setup required. CUETools.exe and CUERipper.exe are the main applications to run.
There is no installer so you won't find in the installed program list. You can create shortcut(s) to CUETools.exe and/or CUERipper.exe if you wish or right-click and pin to taskbar, or pin to Start, or just Open the program.
How to show File Extensions in Windows 10

edit: The links I added to the quoted text will provide some info about the program(s).
edit2: If you want to move the "CUETools_2.1.6" folder to a different location you should do so before creating shortcuts or pinning. I would avoid moving the folder into "Program Files".

Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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Thanks for the reply Korth. I did read that on the wiki page, but I can't seem to find a cuetools.exe file to click on. There is a cuetools.exe.config file, but that won't open. Did you say there is no installer for this program? Is it installed automatically after extracting the zip file? I'm confused, sorry for my ignorance.

Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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You probably have file extensions hidden for known file types. That's why I provided a link above. Or just look for CUETools or CUERipper (with a silver CD icon with the letters CUE) without the extension .exe.

Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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Yes, that's right, sorry- I looked at Properties and those files CUERipper & CUETools files ARE the .exe files. OK, so when I open them I am looking at the program UI then. It's just too simple I guess, I was expecting to have to at least click on that permission for this program to make changes to your computer page that pops up whenever you install anything. So I can make shortcuts for those and add them to Start or wherever after I find a home for the main folder. Where should I put that folder containing all the other stuff? NOT in Program Files you say? What about Program Files (x86)? Should I just leave it in Downloads or Documents?
Also, I guess there's not a wizard to guide me through set up like with EAC? Is there a guide for setup for someone who is new to this? I can find some for EAC but not CUETools. Thanks for your help and patience


Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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Without an installer to set permissions, I'd avoid "Program Files (x86)" also. You can leave it in Downloads or Documents or C:\Users\yourusername\.
I have a folder named "MyApps" for all programs without an installer.

No wizards. Again if you follow the links to the wiki (inside the quoted text of my first reply) you can read some info about the two programs. Near the bottom of each linked page is a table with links to guides that explain the settings. Search the forum when you're stuck on how to use.

Re: Downloaded CUETOOLS What now?

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Right, I have checked out those guides, thanks korth & apesbrain. As I am unfamiliar with some of the options as for instance do I want to rip as image or tracks, and just how DO I want to tag everything? I'll just have to experiment and figure it out. I've read about the process, mostly by users of EAC, since it's use is so widespread. I'm sure I'll be posting stupid questions in the future...thanks again for the help.

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