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Facet Help

I have made a monumental screw up today and lost my custom (non Columns UI) setup which I loved and worked perfectly for my workflow. I'm hoping someone can help me get back this one aspect that is driving me nuts.

In an attempt to get my old theme back I have tried everything including system restores which all went badly and thus it is best to think of me working from scratch, I may indeed need to get old components back that I have now lost :S

FYI it all happened when I accidentally clicked 'Reset All' instead of 'Reset Page'... one coffee too little to realise my monumental mistake. I have exported Themes but for some reason they are old and not containing exactly my last config, probably a sync issue gone bad. Anyway, I'm pretty devastated, wasting hours today already to trying to get this thing back to the way it was.

Ok, onto the problem at hand.

I had my foobar very basic. A Txt/Lyric Panel (no longer important), an EQ panel (got working fine), two media libraries in text form (Genre in one panel, Artist in another) and lastly a Facet Panel displaying as Album Art and 'Columns' as 'Album'. In addition to this I have a  'Playlist View' and 'Album Art Viewer'.

The idea is I am a playlist kinda guy, I often go through my albums (usually my album art from Facet) and select the albums or songs within the albums and add them to the playlist that I want that day. Sometimes I 'export' these playlists via Convert feature to putting the songs in their entirety externally from foobar and onto a micro sd card for a DAP for work.

The Issue

Now I know this can be done as it was working fine before, but now I cannot get this to happen. With the two media libraries in text form (Genre and Artist), I can double click an album and it sends it to the playlist below, I can keep going through my music selection either double clicking the entire genre, artist, album or songs (by expanding the little + signs) to build a playlist. I can happily report I have this working as intended.
The problem is the Facet Album Art interface. There used to be a way I could single click an album art and in another pane (don't know what this pane was?!" it would show JUST the tracks in that album, I could then double click the tracks within the album from this pane and add them to the playlist. That's it! That's all I'm trying to do, basically make a few different ways to add tracks to a playlist.

So far I can double click the album art in facet to send all the tracks in that album to the playlist, but single clicking the album is not bringing up the content of that album in any pane at all. It seems if I change in preferences how the single and double clicking behaviour works under media players it gets messy with the current playlist constantly disappearing in favour of showing the 'library playlist' perhaps? Urgh.. anyway current format below;

How do we make it so when single clicking an album in Facet that it shows in another pane somewhere else the songs in that album that was single clicked, and then in that pane allow me to double click the songs i want that sends them to the current playlist i'm building. That is all I want and it was doing it before fine :(



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Hi there,

Perhaps you simply had a second Facet pane that showed the album tracks?

Go into View > Layout > 'Enable Layout Editing Mode', right-click the Album pane > select 'Append new pane'. Then right-click the new pane > Columns > select a 'Track' column.

Setup what the Track column contains in Preferences > Media Library > Facets. And under 'Library' (on the Facets page), set 'Selection action: None', and 'Double-click action: Add to current playlist'. With that, when you single click an album cover, it should only update the track pane, while double-clicking either pane adds to playlist. (This way does not use the Library Selection playlist)

You could have the Track pane either to the right or bottom of the Album pane, depending if you set Facets to vertical or horizontal layout. (To get that option you have to right-click on the Facets splitter between panes)

Finally, remember to toggle off Layout Editing Mode.

Cheers 8)

Re: Facet Help

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Like this? Album in 1st pane / display artwork, Track in 2nd pane
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