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Where does Foobar2000 get these tags from

When I play material from a certain boxed set, Foobar shows two tags:

Total tracks: (which it says is twelve)
Total discs: (which it says is eight)

This may have been correct for the boxed set but I like to organise such material into the original albums. I've set all the tags  I can see in Foobar to show the info I want, but these two tags come up and I don't know how to get rid of them. When I look at the folder and the tracks in Windows 10, and the track properties, there's nothing called Total tracks or Total discs.

So where the heck is Foobar reading them from?


Re: Where does Foobar2000 get these tags from

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Where exactly do you see foobar2000 showing the tags? I was left a bit confused if you meant foobar2000's properties dialog with "track properties" or possibly Windows 10's properties dialog.
All the tags foobar2000 knows for a track are visible in its properties dialog. And if you are dealing with common audio formats you can edit the tags in the same dialog. The tag names you mentioned are called "Disc Number" and "Total Discs".
If you use some skin with its custom scripting then you'd need to read the source to see where any info it shows comes from.

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