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Display user agent

Sorry for posting this but I can't find the answer anywhere by searching the forums. What is the easiest way to see the user-agent in the console when something is being played via upnp. Does it have to be enabled...does the console have to be set to debugging for a full list in the console?

I ask because in my console currently I see something like:
foo_upnp: opened 'file://V:\aMusic\.. MUSIC (play)\Archive - [FLAC & MP3_ONLY]\ACDC\1978 - Powerage - flac8\07 Gone Shootin'.flac' for streaming

I've seen other threads where the User Agent is quite obvious:
foo_upnp: Denied WAN request (ip:, User Agent: foobar2000-mobile/1.x)
foo_upnp: Successful WAN request (ip:, User Agent: foobar2000-mobile/1.x)

Basically, in short my Yamaha receiver when browsing directly my foobar media server can find and play flac files just fine but if I use bubbleupnp from my phone to play to it, it cannot, it gets transcoded to L16_44.1. I've been trying to setup my media server so that when my yamaha receiver (This is where I need the user agent) is streaming, it will use that streaming profile, but I can't figure out what the the user-agent is.

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