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Are there alternatives to Shure SE425 earphones?


I usually use Shure SE425 earphones. After sometimes, contacts get unstable, I once asked Shure the price for repairing but for that price I as well buy a new, I usually try to buy them from eBay as their price as "new" is rather expensive, though what you get from eBay is not necessarily working well...

At this time, I would need to replace my current pair, or at least the left earphone.
But I'm wondering if there are cheaper alternatives that I could try with:
- Balanced sound (I mean no bass bias, no highs bias)
- Similar quality
- earphones (it's for walking/transportation)

Thank you

Re: Are there alternatives to Shure SE425 earphones?

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I have no recommendations, but I have the SE420, and I thought the main "upgrade" feature of the 425 was that you could avoid issues like these by having interchangeable cables? Did the contacts between bud and cable break on the buds' side?

Re: Are there alternatives to Shure SE425 earphones?

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That's also what Shure's service told me, when I wanted to repair SE420 I think.
In reality, that's only partly true. With the SE425 (and others from the same generation) you actually have 3 points of wearing out/breaking:
- The usual jack + the whole cable
- The connector on 'Left' earphone
- The connector on 'Right' earphone

I think that what breaks the most often is still the usual jack or the cable.... but the other connectors can break/wear out as well, on earphone side. In that case you can also in theory just replace one of the earphones (if you find people selling only one earphone for a decent price, but it's not as easy to find as before and Silver are harder to find that transparent).

I think in the end you have more options to replace smaller parts, but they're not unbreakable as brand communication seemed to pretend.

A result is also that other brands than Shure sell the cables. I noticed that the sound may be impacted by the cable you are using.
Recently, I was using a random-brand cable, which broke, I replaced it with a Shure cable. And I noticed that  volume got lower following that replacement (lower with Shure cable than with random-brand !)

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