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Context Menu

Had installed foobar2k several years ago.  There was some reason why I continued to use WinAmp on my PC, but I don't remember why.  WinAmp had an equalizer.  It displayed the total time for the songs in the folder..  I don't know anymore.  But I do know that I could right-click on a music folder and play all the songs in that folder with f2k.

The sound in WinAmp recently started to go bad - fading in and out, so I went back to f2k.  I was using 1.3.17 but the context menu was no longer working.  I checked Preferences and Shell integration still had a check mark in Folder Context Menus, but no right click to play a folder was available for f2k.  WinAmp - yes.  WMP - yes.  VLC - yes.  But nothing for f2k.  I uninstalled 1.3.17, and reinstalled a new version - 1.5.2.  No change.. Checked the Shell Integration.  Context is still checked.

Then I searched for Context Menu.  Got 0 results.  Searched for right click.  Nothin' there either..

What is going on? 

Re: Context Menu

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I have also noticed this, however it is a little more complex!
In Windows explorer (my computer or whatever it calls itself), I click on a folder containing sub-folders of music , mp3, flac etc.
On the right pane  is the list of folders and on the left is the navigation pane also showing the list of folders.
Right clicking on each of those folders in turn will show or not show an option to 'Play in Foobar' or 'Enqueue in Foobar'.
This option appears right underneath the AIMP menu option which always shows up for each folder.
All the folders contain music files.
I have even tried stripping out all other files; jpgs, txt, cue, log etc leaving only the mp3s but still no joy.
I am guessing it is probably a windows thing rather than a foobar thing but just checking if anyone else experiences this.
Windows 10 fully upto date (probably a bad thing lol).

Re: Context Menu

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foobar2000 uses a shell extension, and for some reason, things using legacy file associations break it. As does having WMP enabled in Windows Features.

Re: Context Menu

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I think I stopped using foobar because it didn't display the bit rate of the song playing and it didn't display the total time for all the tunes in the folder.  Winamp displays all the song titles and their length along with bit rate, and (at least to me) that all-important folder playing time.

WMP doesn't display those items, but it seems to be the easiest way for me to burn music CDs.  I like CDs because they're self-contained - I pick up a CD labeled Sons of Otis, pop it in the car player and I'm good.  I don't have to keep tabbing through all those folders like I do with a memory stick.

So what am I supposed to do if foobar right-click is 'broken' ?

Re: Context Menu

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You can disable WMP in "Turn Windows features on or off" part of Programs and Features control panel item. Or you can drag and drop directories to the player UI and stop using context menu. Or create custom context menu entries that bypass shell extension.

And you can install Audio CD Writer component to burn CDs.

Re: Context Menu

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There is one other possible option.  You could add Foobar2000 to the Windows Send to menu.  Enter shell:sendto in the file explorer address box and press enter to open the sendto folder. Then create a shortcut to foobar2000.exe from your Foobar2000 profile folder.   This works for folders and for individual files.  You can either play it directly or enqueue it based on your Foobar2000 shell integration settings. 


Re: Context Menu

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For editing your Windows Context Menu you can use a tool as Easy Context menu v1.6,

Using Foobar I would open a folder using File / Add folder. You can then see total folder Duration time in Playlist Manager Window. Bitrate information can be added to standard Playlist Window by right clicking top Column Names line and selecting Columns / Bitrate.


Re: Context Menu

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If you add the Selection Properties UI Element to the foobar2000 GUI, under "General" it displays the duration of a single selected track or the total duration of all selected tracks. When you open a folder or several files, even via the Windows SendTo context menu, they're automatically highlighted as they're added to a playlist.

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