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Soft rock is more than I though it was

Phoebe Snow.

Phoebe Snow by Phoebe Snow. At first, I'm thinking whoever wrote the Wikipedia article didn't listen to the album. It's some weird folk-jazz-blues hybrid, as far as I can tell. But it's not soft rock. It's not Air Supply, Little River Band, or Ambrosia. If it was produced today, I'd categorize it as Indie and call it a day.

Then Carol King came to mind. Got to hang out with her on the set of Russkies (God-awful 80's trash) as she played piano and sang a couple tunes. Such a down-to-earth, lovely person! Phoebe Snow sounds a LOT like Carol King on some of these tracks. Everyone considers Carol King as soft rock. Case closed.

Still, soft rock seems terribly broad as a genre, or people generally attribute the label generously. Or, I don't know enough music to render an informed or worthwhile judgment. I'd think Carol King more of a pop artist than a rock artist, leaving the soft rock label for those who don't rock as hard as Free, Aerosmith, or even the Eagles.

Wikipedia be damned; I'm filing this one in my "Classic Pop" folder.

Re: Soft rock is more than I though it was

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Don't knock the Yacht Rock. If it gives you pleasure ad causes nobody pain, it is good.

Re: Soft rock is more than I though it was

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"Yacht Rock?" Never heard that before. But I do love me some Christopher Cross!  :))

Re: Soft rock is more than I though it was

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BBC4 did a 2-part documentary on Yacht Rock last year, and mighty fine it was too.

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