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Help with simple playlist startup

Hi - I really like f2k but it makes me a little crazy (or a littler crazier). 

What I really want is a simple, one click solution to playing music on my PC.  I have playlists, so what I want to do is:
1. Double-click on a playlist (Windows 10 - f2k is default player)
2. Have f2k open, load playlist and start playing

What I don't want to do is:
1. Double-click on a playlist
2. Go to f2k on the monitor
3. Click the first of the old tracks that were in f2k from last time
4. Shift+click the last of the old tracks
5. Right-click to a menu to remove tracks
6. Click Remove tracks
7. Click on first track to start songs playing

Am I out of luck with f2k? 

It seems as simple as two options:
1. Clear playlist on exit (which lots of people seem to be looking for)
2. Play song on open

Any help would be appreciated toward a 1-click solution


Re: Help with simple playlist startup

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Is there a particular reason you want to open files via explorer first, instead of using the built-in features such as Media Library/Playlists manager inside foobar itself?

Re: Help with simple playlist startup

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Hi there,

What are your settings in Preferences > Shell Integration? If you have it on, switch off 'Set Enqueue as the default action'. And if you do not want to overwrite the current playlist, enable 'Always send new files to playlist'.

Actually what you want seems like the default behavior - when I send an M3U from Windows Explorer, FB loads it and starts playing. (I use a portable install though so cannot test some Windows Explorer right-click commands)


Re: Help with simple playlist startup

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Thanks anamorphic -

I did have Set Enqueue... enabled and Always send... disabled. 

Changing these two settings did exactly what I wanted.

Your quick and succinct answer was exactly the help I needed.

Thank you.

Daeron - I use MediaMonkey on a server to manage songs.  Our playlists point back to the server so the family can use them on any device attached to the network.

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