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Dropouts and freezes of foobar2000 under Linux/Wine

After the support end for Win7 I switched to Linux, running Linux Mint 19.3. After checking many native audio players for Linux I came to the conclusion that none is able to satisfy my requirements, which is why I'm back to f2k. I have installed version 1.5.1 under PlayOnLinux.

After copying all my environment from my old Windows installation, everything works fine except two problems, which may or may not be related:

1) When playing back I get many dropouts (clicks)

2) Especially when changing tracks or shortly after, but sometimes even clicking around in f2k leads to a complete freeze of f2k, typically for about 20~30 seconds.

My audio files are located on a Synology NAS mounted through SMB. Experiments with files on the local disk show no improvement, though. I never experienced any dropouts with native players. I also experimented with the buffer lenght in f2k, but that doesn't seem to have any effect either.

Does anybody have an idea what could be the cause of these problems or how I can debug it in the Linux/Wine environment?


Re: Dropouts and freezes of foobar2000 under Linux/Wine

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1) Make sure you're using a unique Wine prefix for foobar2000.
2) Somehow ensure that it is fed the environment variable on launch, PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=500 or higher. This will increase PulseAudio's buffering, which is also reported to the app, so visualizations shouldn't be messed up as a result.

If that doesn't work, I'd suggest looking into DeaDBeeF, as it's sort of close in design principle and quality, and has mostly functional tagging support, including a ReplayGain scanner.

I can supply plugins for it, or at least source to make them. I've already managed to get my PSF (and all other supported xSF formats) plugin working, as well as a libopenmpt plugin to replace the libmodplug plugin. Oh, and VGMStream, if you use that.

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