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What would produce this swishy effect?

Attached are two samples of the same section, of the same song. (No One Lives Forever, the Boingo Alive version by Oingo Boingo)
I can hear a distinct swishy noise in the Amazon version.

What sound processing would create this effect, and would there be any chance of cleaning it out? (similar to hiss removal)

I've encountered several tracks on Amazon that have this same swishy noise added to them over the years, first in mp3 downloads, now in their streaming service. The ratio seems to be about 2 in 10 albums (that I listen to anyway). If the mp3 had it back then, the lossless streaming has it now, unless it's a 'Ultra HD' track.
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Re: What would produce this swishy effect?

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It is a watermark. The signal is modulated between 1 and 4 kHz. It is the most audible example I've heard so far. Usually the it is reduced during quieter sections. I don't think you can remove it.

Re: What would produce this swishy effect?

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Wow! This is hefty.
Exactly what i expect of a lossless and especially HD streaming service. The watermark in HD sounds very clear this way :)
We have also a related thread over here but it is not obviously audible Oldfield watermarked
Lately i stumbled across the broken gaps of online music

Swichy watermarks inside the music, audible glitches on gaps. Impressive! It shows how awkward this business acts.

Newest hotness seems to be so called HiRes is encrypted with MQA even when they don't say so.
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
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Re: What would produce this swishy effect?

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What blows me away is that they were offering tracks for purchase in mp3 format with such watermarks as far back as 2012. It might be even farther back (I think I got my first track from them in 2008, but didn't notice and swishys until 2012).
The point is: I don't think Amazon has a clue that that is what they are selling people.
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Re: What would produce this swishy effect?

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Anyway, thanks j7n for the answer.
I'm sure there is a way to undo it, but it would probably take a lot of know-how beyond me and need to be re-calibrated for each song.
Processed audio in java and python.

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