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Bit-perfect audio with BubbleUpnp & Chrome Cast Audio

I'm having a problem with my Chromecast Audio converting everything to 24-bit as opposed to bit-perfect playback. I'm streaming from foobar2000 using Upnp MediaRenderer as output and have BubbleUpnp setup with chromecast transcoding disabled and any other transcoding disabled. Previously this has always given me bit-perfect playback whether I have foobar output at 16-bit or in a 24-bit container and my DAC will always indicate it's 16-bit data. Now everything is showing as 24-bit and I can only assume it's because Chromecast transcoding is happening. Any ideas what I can do to resolve this?

Re: Bit-perfect audio with BubbleUpnp & Chrome Cast Audio

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While I don’t know those particular components, I doubt that any ‘conversion’ of 16 to 24 bits changes anything about the audio output. The original 16 bits of audio go into the upper 16 bits of the 24 bit sample. Zeros go into the lower 8 bits. No change unless something else is done, such as EQ modifications.

In other words, do nothing except ignore it.

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