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Topic: Newbie can't cast in surround 5.1 Receiver sees stereo. (Read 158 times) previous topic - next topic
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Newbie can't cast in surround 5.1 Receiver sees stereo.

Hi, First post been using Foobar only a few days because i needed a good gapless player.
Big learning curve still a lot to do.
I installed Bubble upnp and can cast music via Foobar to my home theater Pioneer LX83 receiver. But casting 5.1 content like recent Beatles and Pink Floyd mixes, the receiver only sees them as stereo. But when i cast the same albums via Plex or VLC i get the full 5.1 surround at the receiver. Flac files btw.
1st gen Chromecast. W10 desktop environment.
I've tried quite a bit and downloaded components and reconfigured i just can't get it to work. It works perfectly via plex or VLC but then it's not gapless.
If somebody could tell me what i'm doing wrong i'd be very grateful. Thanks.

Re: Newbie can't cast in surround 5.1 Receiver sees stereo.

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Well i give up i've spent too many hours and read every thread and user guide and changed every option and i can't get anything but a stereo signal out of  Bubble>Chromecast. With Foobar or without. Just right clicking the file and "cast to device" with the little pop up player it's still just stereo
is what i'm trying not possible? I don't understand at all. Plex and VLC do it easy bang bang nothing to configure but they don't do gapless. Foobar does gapless but i can't get it to cast surround. Very frustrating.
looks like i have to wait for VLC 4.0 and hope that delivers as good as it looks. Unfortunately none of the dev builds will run for me.

Re: Newbie can't cast in surround 5.1 Receiver sees stereo.

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Can somebody confirm that you can indeed cast surround via the Foobar>Bubble>Chromecast set up even if you can't help me. I juts want to know if it's a done thing. thanks

Re: Newbie can't cast in surround 5.1 Receiver sees stereo.

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I don't have any experience with upnp, but maybe this is worth a try? UPnP MediaRenderer Output
Component page
Thanks mate. That's am 18 page thread to read through and i've read about half of it and just found a minefield of problems. None directly describing mine although it could be in there somewhere. I don't have the time. I'm gob smacked that i must be the only person wanting to cast surround sound and expecting that to work out of the box without having to spend hours trouble shooting. There's options in Bubble to not downmix multi channel sources etc, if only i could get it to play a multi channel source in multi channel! Mind you out of my music collection very little of it is 5.1 so i'm starting to think people just haven't come across it. Plex does it and i have very little respect for Plex as a music player. Vlc does it as you'd expect. I suspect Foobar would be playing it properly if i had a surround receiver hooked up to the computer. Therefore it's the bubble casting to the Chromecast locked into pcm stereo and i can not get it to budge.

2020 and nobody has a media player that satisfies every basic need and even cobweb encrusted Windows Media Player is about as good as it ever got.
Foobar looks good had i discovered it 5 years ago i might have put in the time to make it my number 1 player.
But for now i'm counting the minutes for VLC 4 release.

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