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accessing Foobar2000 playlists via Bubble UPnP

Question: in Bubble UpnP, how to access foobar2000 playlists ?

I have a number of Foobar2000 playlists in a folder on my computer (D:\playlists\*.fpl).
Whenever I want to use one of these playlists I load it into Foobar using File > Load Playlist …

I would like to use the same playlists using Bubble UPnP, however I can not find them in Bubble UPnP.
The playlists I find in Bubble UPnP is a list of all the playlists I loaded into Foobar in the past.
Hence, many playlists appear multiple times, because I loaded the playlist several times in the past.
I can find the same playlists history in Foobar using View > Playlist Manager.

So the question is how to access my playlists in the map D:\playlists\*.fpl using Bubble UPnP ?

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