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Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

Hello... I am trying to open a media file in foobar to play it without adding to a playlist, or adding to my library.  Sometimes I want to do this to quickly evaluate a file, or whatever reason... so, I just want to hear the file without adding to a playlist or library.  What Foobar wants to do, when I try to do this, is to open a playlist with music that is highlighted in my library, instead of the files I just told it to open (file menu > open).  So, can anyone tell me if there is a command that will specifically just open and play a media file without any other bells and whistles?  Seems like this would be a super simple procedure, but it's turned out to be a headache.

Thanks a bunch for the help.

Re: Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

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I think that's not possible with foobar. It is playlist oriented player.
foobar2000 plays music

Re: Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

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What I do that meets my own need for that functionality is go to Preferences/Shell Integration, and check "Bring to front when adding new files", and "Always send new files to playlist: Default."  Now, if you right-click a file and choose open with Foobar (or use the File/Open menu), the file gets sent to a playlist named "Default" and is played;  any subsequent file played the same way overwrites the existing entry in Default.  Only the last played file entry (played in that manner) ever gets "saved" to Default.  So there's still a playlist per se, but with only one continually replaced entry.  So, pretty close to what you've asked for.

Re: Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

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I guess I don’t understand the problem. I’ve been using the program for years and have never made a playlist. I click on
browse to the file I want
select it (I can select any individual file(s) or the entire folder contents)
click on Open
it starts playing.   

Oh, I see (re: sveakul), it uses a more or less temporary playlist, over and over. That must be the default mode because I’ve put the program on at least half a dozen computers and never did any configuration for it.

Re: Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

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"Always send new files to playlist: Default."

This option wasn't checked and I believe it's done the trick.  Thanks for taking the time to suggest this.    :)

Re: Open/Play Media File Without Adding To Playlist

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Well... it kind of works.  After I open a few other playlists, it wants to revert to not working.  Then, I will open a media file and it plays a song from some other "playlist" again.  I should mention I'm using facets... I'm thinking part of the problem might be with that.

*edit*  Oh... I think I just figured it out.  You have to have the "playlist area" highlighted... if the library window is highlighted it makes a playlist for some other song.

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