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Topic: How to make Google Play Music Manager see a modified ID3 tag? (Read 198 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to make Google Play Music Manager see a modified ID3 tag?


I have Google's Music Manager set to watch my "Shows" folder on my Mac hard drive.  When I drop a new folder of FLACs in there, it does a pretty good job of uploading new shows to Google Play "My Music" after a few minutes; or if I'm impatient, immediately after I quit and re-launch Music Manager.

Recently I found the need to edit the ID3 tags of an album that Music Manager has already uploaded to My Music cloud.  Here is how I force Music Manager to "see" the modified files and, in My Music cloud, replace the stale versions with the new versions.  Has anyone discovered an easier way?

  • Go to the Google Play "My Music" web interface
  • Find and delete the stale version of the album from My Music cloud
  • Locally on my Mac, Quit the Music Manager
  • Move the modified album out of the 'Shows' folder that Music Manager is set to automatically watch
  • Relaunch Music Manager
  • Move the modified album back to the watched 'Shows' folder to trick Music Manager into seeing it
  • Quit Music Manager, and then Relaunch (this step might be optional?) to get Music Manager to begin immediately uploading the modified album

For the record, I immensely dislike using Google services for anything, but their cloud music interface is the only one that fits my criteria (integrates with Sonos, integrates with my Android phone, supports FLAC, web interface is tolerable to browse).

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