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No able to edit multiple tags

Hi folks,
I can't edit multiple metadata using propreties->metadata->(right click)edit->individual values. When i get there, i'm able to select the text, but when i comes to change it, i'm not able to write new text.

I know it's possible, as i've been able to do it on another machines, but here, no luck. I am missing a specific component, or should i change a parameter in the settings ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



ps: i able to edit the datas selecting and copying them (in individual value), then making the edits in the notepad and then pasting the new ones back in individual values. Unfortunately it takes much longer, and i have a lot of files to tag.

Re: No able to edit multiple tags

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Hi there,

Which OS and foobar version are you using? (This needed info helps devs to test)

It sounds like a strange issue maybe outside foobar. How often do you restart the OS?

Editing values the way you describe works ok for me on Win 10 v1903 and FB 1.5.1.

Re: No able to edit multiple tags

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I was using v 1.38, on Windows 8.1, but i finally upgraded to 1.51. The issue is still there. I'm able to select the text to edit (blue), but not change it. Maybe a few screenshots may help.

Re: No able to edit multiple tags

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You can change the text in the next column ("Value").

Re: No able to edit multiple tags

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Oh, yes...  :-[

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