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Change of caritalization of articles in German tracks

A , a , An , an , The , the , And , and , But , but , Or , or , Nor , nor , At , at , By , by , For , for , From , from , In , in , Into , into , Of , of , Off , off , On , on , Onto , onto , Out , out , Over , over , To , to , Unto , unto , Up , up , With , with , As , as

Does anyone have the same list for German / French and so on?? (given their naming rules)


Re: Change of caritalization of articles in German tracks

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All other languages use sentence case capitalization with few exceptions. French also permits a style where the sentence starts with an article (le, la, les) and the noun following it is also capitalized. I was told that regular sentence case is acceptable, and is simpler and nicer looking. German capitalizes nouns. The reader would need to "understand" the sentence to guess what is a noun, adjective or adverb. A simple replace is not sufficient. Dutch has an interesting exception if the title starts with a contraction with an apostrophe or contains the double letter IJ.

In English, "phrasal verbs" are capitalized in all common styles, even if they contain the same short words from your list (Move On, Wake Up, Take Off).

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