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How to tell which component is active

I am wondering if there is a way to determine which component is active when you playback a file with foobar2000. If you have more than one component which can play a certain file-type, you can tell by the order in Preferences -> Playback -> Decoding, but what if you playback a file-type that you have no idea which component should be decoding it? You try to open it with foobar2000 and it plays. This means some component is decoding it, but which one? I know one could go through the process of elimination and disable all decoders and then try them one-by-one. Also, one could look at the file extensions in the open dialogue, but some components have so many supported file-types you can't see all (OpenMPT for example).
So, is there an easier way as the ones I thought of?
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Re: How to tell which component is active

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Thats a good question IMO.

If you have FFMPEG installed to play WAV files or use the internal f2k WAV decoder, this could be somehow seen in the output of the console. Or take a bet on the order of components (Screenshot). But then you know what you've been looking for.

But I also wondered sometimes, which of the tons of components is responsible for playing a tune.

Would be nice to know a trick.

I tried Process Explorer, but thats far away from being intuitive...

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