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Cannot disable notification / tray icon

Since updating from fb2k 1.4.1 to 1.5.1, I am not able to permanently disable the notification icon in the system tray. When I disable and then re-enable the option "Show only when foobar2000 is hidden", the icon disappears but re-appears after a restart of the programme, although the preference is still set.
When I click on the tray icon, fb2k is minimized. After another click, the main windows is shown again and the icon magically disappears! After a restart, it is again shown. (I also use UI hacks but this should not be the issue.

There is an entry in the 1.5 changelog "Restored pre-1.4 behavior of main-window-hidden/notification-icon-only status being remembered after foobar2000 restart." and my problem is indeed probably related to; however for me it worked exactly the other way round.
Any ideas? Thanks!

Re: Cannot disable notification / tray icon

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Hi there,

It works as advertised for me. Have you tried it without UI Hacks?


Re: Cannot disable notification / tray icon

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I opened foobar with another user, i.e. with the default profile, and the notification icon was not shown after every start.
I then removed all custom config files from my user folder, reinstalled foobar and the icon was still shown. I use UI hacks for a custom toolbar icon, so I'd rather go back to 1.4 if there is no solution for this. Fb2k somehow thinks it was hidden when closed the last time.

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