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[Feature request] Support MusicBrainz ID tag mapping

MusicBrainz enabled taggers, such as MusicBrainz Picard, Jaikoz, Mp3tag and others, can write various MusicBrainz IDs for e.g. the recording, release, release group etc. to the tags. For this MusicBrainz has a specification of tag mapping at

Unfortunately foobar2000 does not support the MusicBrainz ID tags, making it difficult for fb2k users to make use of those tags, especially if they use different tagging formats. It would be great if fb2k could support the MusicBrainz ID tags as specified.

As one of the developers of MB Picard I know that this is a pain point for users of both the MB database and fb2k. Given that fb2k otherwise is one of the most customizable players I think it would make sense to offer proper support for the MB specific tags.

Re: [Feature request] Support MusicBrainz ID tag mapping

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How would you expect the tags to be written or shown in f2k?

What should it look like?

I would expect for foobar2000 to fully support those tags and map the different tag names used in different file formats to a single name. E.g. the MusicBrainz Artist ID is written to MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID on Vorbis, as a TXXX tag "MusicBrainz Artist Id" on ID3 and to " Artist Id" on MP4 files.

It would be great if f2k would map this all to one internal name, e.g. "MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID". This would allow users to easily make use of the IDs in e.g. scripting.

This is not helping?

I was told that this mapping is outside the scope of such a plugin. While a plugin could probably write to different tags, I'm not sure it is possible to have it mapped the loaded tags to a single name. But I personally don't know the f2k plugin API, this is just the information I got from others.

Re: [Feature request] Support MusicBrainz ID tag mapping

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This is not helping?

Incidentally, this one is possibly outdated. There is a new version by marc2k3. Thread here.

(I'm not sure what MusicBrainz ID tags it writes if any)
Thanks for that! (Not that I've used that component more that once in a year, but nice to know, its not dead. So it maybe will be of any use, someday)

According to what I read on (The Nerdy Stuff),
there are some explanations, of what tags are written, but I doubt, phw's questions will be answered.

When it comes to tagging MBIDs, this component always follows the naming conventions used for Vorbis comments regardless of the underlying file format/tagging sheme.

For example, it will write MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID instead of MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID to mp3 and m4a files. Repeat that for all tags prefixed with MUSICBRAINZ.

The following differences affect id3 tagging only:

    DISCSUBTITLE is written to TXXX:DISCSUBTITLE rather than TSST
    LABEL is written to TXXX:LABEL rather than TPUB
    MEDIA is written to TXXX:MEDIA rather than TMED

For Vorbis comments only, ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE is written in place of ORIGINALDATE. Also, this tag is only written when it differs from DATE.

The whole purpose of this is to unify tag display/search across foobar2000 but it comes at the expense of potentially breaking compatibility with other taggers/players that can make use of MusicBrainz specific data.


Re: [Feature request] Support MusicBrainz ID tag mapping

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I know about both plugins, and actually the updated foo_musicbrainz is pretty great.

But fuffi is right that it actually does not answer my question. But the quoted text quite nicely explains the issue: In order to make efficient use of the tags in foobar a unified internal tag name independent of format would be required. Many other tools implement the tag mapping for MusicBrainz IDs (in the same way other standard tags get mapped to their corresponding representation in different formats).

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