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foobar not recognizing most music on ext HD

Hello all,

Just a quick preface: I am not very tech-savvy. Certainly not granny-tier, but not great with most things past basic settings. I'm using a Lenovo laptop that's 5-6 yrs old, running Win 10.

Anyway, I store my music on a Seagate 1 TB HDD, and it's a mix of .mp3 (v0 - 320) and .m4a (approx. 158 GB). For the first few months of using foobar I had no issues, and loved it compared to clunky iTunes for PC. It suddenly failed to recognize most of my music, only showing a seemingly random selection of both mp3 and m4a files, and only a small fraction of the total. After re-selecting my music files in the library menu (I have 3 catch-all files, all of which contain multiple tiers of folders and different formats), this did not change. At this point I assumed that the hard drive was on its last legs, since microSd cards I've used in my phone had acted in similar ways before dying outright. I replaced the hard drive with an updated version, off-the-shelf from WalMart. After arduously transferring everything and re-selecting the new folders on the new drive, the same selection of songs are showing up. I have identical copies of all the songs on my phone's external storage, and none of my music is having issues on there (Blackplayer for Android), so I don't think this is an issue with the files themselves. If someone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance!

- Suwa

Re: foobar not recognizing most music on ext HD

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Hi there,

Need more information. Are you using any component library viewers (Facets? Columns UI?), or custom skins / themes that someone else made (from DeviantArt for example), or is it default foobar? (Library menu > Album List is default library viewer)

You have setup the Music Folders that foobar is monitoring? (Library menu > Configure > under Music Folders, Add button). After initial scanning it should say 'Monitoring'. You could try right-click a folder > Rescan.

On the same Media Library preferences page, under File Types, nothing is being excluded? You are not using CUE files?

If you drag a folder from Windows Explorer and drop to a new playlist, can you see tracks that were missing? Are you using auto-playlists to show your library?

Perhaps posting a screenshot of your layout might offer some clues (you can attach files to your posts here)


Re: foobar not recognizing most music on ext HD

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thanks for getting back to me anamorphic!

Here's a bunch of window captures. Rescanning the folders didn't update anything. Luckily the library>album list menu is showing all my files, and they play normally from that window. Problem is I have no idea how to access them from the much more friendly Columns UI.

Re: foobar not recognizing most music on ext HD

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hooooly shit, i just realized i had typed "car" in the search bar, didn't even see it.
I havent been able to use it for a month because of that blasted search bar

my shame is immeasurable

Re: foobar not recognizing most music on ext HD

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Heh, no problem. I was going to mention about search filters in my first post and forgot. :)

You are using Facets (DUI) by the way, not Columns UI - so it could have also been this issue about multiple columns. Though that does not apply if using a statistic column rather than %date% (just something to be aware of however)


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