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Mediaplayer with Wavpack support

Hi everyone, I'm going to take a media player to connect to my TV and since I have a lot of wavpack files (most dsd / wv) I wanted to know if there is a player that supports wavpack dsd .... My idea was this player in whose specifications it says that it supports the wavpack but I would like to be sure that it also supports the dsd compressed in wavpack. If you also have other players to suggest I thank.

Re: Mediaplayer with Wavpack support

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Connect a notebook or mini-pc to the TV , control it via a wireless keyboard with built in trackpad like logitech.
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Re: Mediaplayer with Wavpack support

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Or even any Android smartphone with either the foobar2000 or VLC app, over Wi-Fi too (Miracast).

Me, I'm streaming my WavePack files from a NAS to the whole house.
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Re: Mediaplayer with Wavpack support

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Unfortunately adoption of WavPack DSD in hardware devices is slow. I have two portable media players (Cowon Plenue R and Lotoo Paw Pico) that support both WavPack and DSD, but do not support WavPack DSD.

It's not always obvious why this is, but unfortunately I have not been able to get WavPack DSD into FFmpeg, which I suspect is the most common library out there providing WavPack support. Having a working and tested patch that meets all their rules is not always sufficient to get something into FFmpeg, so for now a player would have to use a recent version of libwavpack to provide DSD support.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is ask the manufactures if the support is there, and ask them to add it if it's not. You can even say the developer is willing to help for free...  :)

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