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Discogs Tagger

I installed the latest Discogs Tagger.
Now when I try to Rip a CD the Discogs Tagger is not listed as an option.
Am I missing something here ?

Re: Discogs Tagger

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Are you trying  to tag files before it's ripped? It's a tagger, it tags files not cds.

Re: Discogs Tagger

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes I do and when I'm going to RIP a CD in foobar2000 it gets the meta tags from freedb.
I would like to add Discogs as a choice for meta tags to the drop-down menu.
Is this possible ?
In CUETools CUERipper one can choose from several tagging servers as well and I thought that installing the Discogs Tagger would make this available as choice for ripping.

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