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Bass + Treble Control for normal human beings?

Good evening and a happy new year!

I want a slider (or a knob/button) to control bass/treble, like in the attached image.
An easy slider like the default volume slider in fb2k would do.

I know (and checked), I'm looking for something, which was aked a lot here but I never found a *simple* solution.

The closest is this thread: Is there a simple Treble/Bass control for fb2k?. There are buttons/knobs, but thats it. Way too much overhead for just bass/treble control.

All other threads I found try to explain something cryptic (aka frequencies/technical terminology/buying headphones and linked some (too complex) DSP components) which I'm not able to get into my brain and don't want to.

Please ignore my ignorance and help if you have a solution for:

Two knobs or sliders.
One for Bass.
One for Treble.
Thats all.

Is this possible within fb2k?

Thank you!

Re: Bass + Treble Control for normal human beings?

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Probably, not simple enough, but... Two instances of IIR filter from foo_dsp_effect - first with "Low shelf" and second with "High shelf"

Re: Bass + Treble Control for normal human beings?

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The icons on his desktop are like stars in the universe.... uncountable... %-]

Probably, not simple enough,
You are correct. Sadly.

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