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Metadata not displaying on specific codec

foobar 1.5.1-final
Mp3tag 2.99c-beta

Hello everyone,

I've been using Mp3tag to fill out metadata info on my music for archival purposes, and I've run into an interesting issue:

When using the MusicBrainz database, I get (among others) the following fields on any given file:


This is accomplished via Mp3tag WS script, and the same fields can be viewed correctly in the 'Extended Tags' window of Mp3tag.

In fb2000, on the same file, its Properties window presents the MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID field (Called 'MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID') and MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID field (called MUSICBRAINZ ARTIST ID). MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID is NOT displayed (though the info is present).

Also, this only happens on mp3 files; on aac files (itunes m4a audio), MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID is presented on fb's Properties window, but is named 'MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID' (if in line with the other 2 fields, it should be named MUSICBRAINZ TRACK ID -notice the lack of blank spaces and the presence/absence of "_"). I do not have other formats in my library, so I cannot verify if this issues happens in them.

Again, all 3 fields are correctly written into the file(s), but one of them is only presented in foobar properties under certain conditions, and in a different style from similar fields.

Can anyone replicate this issue?
Is it a bug?
If not, are there settings in fb2000 that I'm overlooking?

Thank you.

Re: Metadata not displaying on specific codec

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Here's some additional info:
on fb2000, creating a column with


will NOT return results, despite the fact that that is the proper metafield name in Mp3tag.
In fb2000, MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID is presented under the designation MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID; and using


will return the correct queried info.

In short:
- file with tag field 'MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID' added by Mp3tag, will display the same data under the field 'MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID' in fb2000, without being told to do so. In fb2000 searching for 'MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID' won't work, but for MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID will.

So, I'm assuming that the same field(s) get renamed by fb in order to be presented; the file itself is unchanged (MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID field remains), but this 'translation' must be what makes them behave differently or simply not being displayed in foobar.

This behaviour leads me to believe that this is in fact a bug, since nowhere in the Advanced Settings window these particular fields are indicated to be acted upon.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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