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DSF to WAV conversion

     Earlier this year I bought a Sony Hi-Res turntable. I needed to find a program that would convert these files to wav. I got on the Steve Hoffman forum and did some research, and learned about Foobar2000. I downloaded the app and a plugin that would make Foobar capable to convert the DSF files to wav. For several months I was successfully and happily converting the files with absolutely no issues until the end of this year, when it just suddenly stopped being able to recognize the files. So I uninstalled Foobar, shut the computer down, started it up again, went to Foobar's web site, reinstalled the program from their site (not from an outside source), downloaded the components that I would need (following the directions for doing so from Foobar's web site), shut down the program, opened it again, and tried to convert a DSF way! It doesn't recognize the files. What happened? What am I doing wrong?

Re: DSF to WAV conversion

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Hi there,

downloaded the components that I would need (following the directions for doing so from Foobar's web site)
Which ones? Have you got foo_input_sacd (SACD Decoder) component? (This is not listed on foobar component website)

What error message did you get? Which foobar version and OS?


Re: DSF to WAV conversion

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     Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry for not being completely clear in my earlier post. Yes, I downloaded the SACD plug in using a link from a forum on the Steve Hoffman web site. Yesterday (the 1st), I opened it, and this time worked! However, when I'm converting a DSF file to WAV, I'm getting a box that tells me that (I can't remember specifically) in essence the conversion will not be a lossless conversion. I'm converting from DSF to a 32 bit WAV file. I never used to get that message when converting. But it seems to me that a WAV file is lossless in any event. Is that a correct assumption? I converted a DSF file that had already been converted to WAV at an earlier time after realizing that this message was appearing, and all the specifics were the same; the file size, bit rate, ect. There seemed to me to be no change.

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