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Topic: Foobar2000 scan problem on Samsung S10e cellphone (Android) (Read 82 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar2000 scan problem on Samsung S10e cellphone (Android)


I have added a music folder (Card/Music) with .mp3 and .wma files on the 128GB Samsung SD-card in my new Samsung S10e cellphone, but Foobar2000 won't find anything in the Media Library,
and the Rescan-button for "Music on External Storage" does nothing. The "Albums" and "Title" selections etc. are also empty.

I can however both view and play the files if I manually browse them on "External Storage", so it seems it is only the scanning to build a music database that doesn't work on the external storage.
Both scanning and playing works fine if I move the files to internal storage, or play them in other players (e.g. Pi Music Player).

This error is shown in the Tools | Console when trying to scan:

Media library: scan beginning
Could not resolve library folder: Object not found
Problem path: file:///storage/6266-6531/Music
Media library: scan ended, changed: no, time 0:00.0000

Any ideas?

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