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Version 1.5.1 beta change log

Beta 2
  • Worked around a problem with EsPlaylist and playback queue operations since version 1.5.
  • Changed playback information behavior after editing tags of a now playing track, causing some components to think the track was played twice since version 1.5.
Beta 3
  • Amended playback queue changes from beta 2, fixing apparent infinite playback of one queued track.


Re: Version 1.5.1 beta change log

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Beta 4
  • Converter: No longer writes MP3 with embedded cuesheets.
  • Converter: Fixed missing select-newly-added-item with format list.
  • Converter: Improved feedback when trying to convert a multichannel source to MP3 or MPC.

Re: Version 1.5.1 beta change log

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  • Added sharing violation retry around opening of playing track, should work around apparent errors after retagging of now playing track.
  • Fixed wrong playback position shown after listening to internet radio.

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