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connecting with laptop through audio interface

my name Sam,im a Musician and  i live in india..i recently got an onkyo  tx sr  505e from my relatives..i know its pretty old ive this bose acousticmass10 series speakers plus im using audient id14 interface ive actually connected with HDMI with laptop and then from the interface headphone out i've connected av cables on the aux so now the sound is coming perfectly... but my question is do i need to connect av cables when i connect HDMI already.i dont want the video from laptop..and ive bot an optical audio cable too,wanted to try that as well since ive OPTICAL IN on y interface...i'm sorry i'm totally new to this setup..and for that ive created this ac here just today ..if u can help me with somthing that would be really nice...Thanks

Re: connecting with laptop through audio interface

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It's not clear what you're doing.   For recording you should be able to use the Audient interface with headphones (without the receiver & speakers).

For playback (or monitoring*) you can use the HDMI connection to the receiver.

You probably don't need any direct connection between the interface and receiver.

* If you are monitoring yourself while recording, it's usually best to monitor with headphones from the interface, and an interface with direct-hardware zero-latency monitoring is a nice feature.

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