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Facets - Statistic column: "last added" not working

I have always wondered why, the "last added" column had never worked

reproduction of my issue:

facets ,
I have multiple columns set to on
I use the column "album" first, (I want to see the front cover)
and then I try to put a "last added" column,

 then , nothing happens, it doesn't sort at all, clicking does nothing, nothing moves, it doesn't sort.
And another click will sort it all wrong, disperse.

My question is,  how do I make it to work with last added? please

Re: Facets - Statistic column: "last added" not working

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Hi there,

So you have Playback Statistics installed? It uses the %added% field from that component.

If added date is different for tracks across the same album (because maybe one track was imported into library a second later, if you copied files to the library while foobar was monitoring folders and the copy operation was not instant), then when sorting by added date, naturally albums can get split. As the 'Last added' column is a Facets Statistic, it does not let you modify the column. However you could make your own column and use $date(%added%) to remove the time part, and sorting might be better. Otherwise, to make all values the same, you would have to export the oldest added date to tags, copy the added field to every other track of the album, and import from tags.

Conversely, if all albums of the same artist were imported at the same time, there would be no different dates to sort. (Likewise when you first install PS all tracks will have the same added date)

And so I always make sure newly added albums have the same import date to avoid having to fix things later. :-\  (right-click album > Properties > Details tab)

See the documentations for more - Facets / Playback Statistics.



Re: Facets - Statistic column: "last added" not working

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naturally albums can get split
Actually I might have that wrong - there is a First and Last Added, so I assume Facets is looking at the dates across the album (if individual tracks have different dates), and grouping that one date with the whole album.(?)

To be fair this is not something I could test, because I made sure all my album tracks have the same added date. ;D

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