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Windows trouble transferring files (in File Explorer)

I'm transferring my music collection to an SD card, and I'm almost done: all I have to do is to transfer album art from the PC folders to the folders to be transferred to the card.

However, I'm having trouble where I didn't before (in the other two genres I'm into that I've copied first). I open two windows in File Explorer: one to copy the art from the archival folders to the clipboard, the other to paste the art to the folders to be copied onto the SD card. No biggie. I can transfer a single album's art, no problem. It's with the second that it screws up. When I open the folder, File Explorer hangs for (literally) two or three minutes before crashing. Restarting does nothing to help.

I suspect the new Windows update is to blame, as everything was running fine until it updated this afternoon. Come eveningtime it's pulling this shit. Once an update crashed Windows Media Player and I had to roll back the update to be able to watch anything before the patch came. I'm wondering if I'll have to try that, but I'd thought I'd ask here first.

Couldn't find a suitable forum for this (nearest is computer hardware). Thanks for any replies. (Ed: made the subject TOS-compliant).

Re: Windows trouble transferring files (in File Explorer)

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Solved. Turns out it was the update, but with a twist: I had to uninstall the last *two* updates. Leave this post if you think it might help someone at wits' end, or delete it. Thanks.

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