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Topic: Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble (Read 484 times) previous topic - next topic
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Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble

I've already mentioned this on the foo_scrobble thread which didn't get much attention. Since I've upgraded both Columns UI and foobar core at the same time I wasn't sure which caused the behavior. But since FB 1.4.6 doesn't have this behavior I think it's FB 1.5 that does it and not the latest Columns UI beta. Using FB 1.5 with Columns UI disabled also exhibits this behavior.

The problem: when a track is playing open the tag edit properties window. Be sure to select the individual track, not a bulk edit of multiple tracks. Change a tag field (doesn't matter which one), hit the apply button and then OK. If you go to your lastfm profile, an extra scrobble has been added. If you repeat the previous action again while the track is still playing then another scrobble will get added. It seems the apply button somehow triggers a scrobble from foo_scrobble.

Re: Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble

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While this technically should be altered to not cause multiple track play notices to the scrobbling component, this is caused because altering tags of the currently playing track causes the player to close the input, alter the file, then resume playback at the same position, which would cause a playback event to indicate the file has been played again.

The event tracker which is designed for scrobble tracking should be altered to account for this behavior. And if foo_scrobble doesn’t already use it, it should be updated to do so.


Re: Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble

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Could this thread be merged with the foo_scrobble thread. Given Kode54's reply it seems more relevant and useful there. Thanks.

Re: Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble

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When editing tags, foobar2000 v1.5 sends a on_playback_edited notification as before and then (this changed from 1.4.8 to 1.5) immediately a on_playback_dynamic_info_track notification which AFAICT should only be sent for things like streams. There's no duplicate on_playback_new_track or anything involved. This really doesn't feel like the advertised behavior of that notification.

Re: Foobar 1.5 triggers unwanted scrobbles foo_scrobble

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Behavior will be changed in 1.5.1, thanks for bringing this up.

Edit; 1.5.1 beta 2 will contain the fix, it was accidentally not included with beta 1.

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