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bug? F2K loses its playlist

f2K.1.4.8 on win10-64/pro:  with a play of over 500 mp3s, set to play "random".   Every now and the F2K just "forgets" its' playlist!  that is, it is playing along and at the end of some song or another it just stops and when I look I see that at the end of that last song F2K dumped its playlist.  It happens irregularly -- it happened after about 4hrs yesterday, but since then it has been running for about 24 hrs.   WHen/if it happens again is there any way to get any information as to _why_ it did that?


Re: bug? F2K loses its playlist

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If it's an action of some component it might report about it on the console (View -> Console).
foobar2000 itself would only alter playlist's contents if it was an autoplaylist. Something like listing tracks last played X days ago.
I suspect you use foo_playlist_attributes and have configured it to remove tracks after they have been played.

Re: bug? F2K loses its playlist

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I didn't know about view->console.   when/if it happens again I'll save the console and perhaps it'll reveal what happened.  I don't know what foo_playlist_attributes is, but I checked all the preferences settings for playlist and nothing like that is checked.  [and, indeed, I have had f2k play a track a second and third time in the cycle, so nothing is being removed incrementally.

Thanks for the info about console.  I bet it'll reveal what's going on.

Re: bug? F2K loses its playlist

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OK, I got it to happen and there was no info in the console logfile [but I attached it anyway].   there are 36 files in the playlist,  It had been playing them OK and after the rodrigo selection F2K just stopped and had an empty playlist.  Is there anything else I can do to get more info about what might be causing this?

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