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Problem reading WMA HD

hi, since the V1.4.6 foobar version, it's impossible to read Wma HD.. got error message to use ffmpeg to decode the file.....
I don't want to convert it, just read...I try to modify in decoding option the ffmpeg and follow some tutos but without success....
if someone can help me....
thank you.

Re: Problem reading WMA HD

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You need FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper and FFmpeg binaries. If you have 64-bit OS you can use 64-bit ffmpeg.

Navigate to the component's configuration: Preferences -> Playback -> Decoding -> FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper.

At the bottom "FFmpeg installation folder" section browse to the bin directory of the extracted ffmpeg archive.

Then hit Add at the top. Enter WMA for format name and *.WMA for file type mask. If you wish you can enable the "Show codec names from FFmpeg" option. I seem to have enabled the chapter support setting too but I'm not sure if the format supports chapters.

Re: Problem reading WMA HD

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the link to ffmpeg binaries is no more valid...I dl a version of it and do what you said but still impossible to read wma hd...I must be dumb certainly...

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