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1.5 release - field suggestions

Hello, I noticed that foobar2000 1.5 has been released. Before I upgrade from 1.4.8 I have a concern:

Will the upgrade retain all the values I have typed into the various tag fields and which show up when I start typing something? My collection is very large and the memorized values are very many. I would not like to upgrade should I loose those values.

Re: 1.5 release - field suggestions

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Here it kept all the memorized values.

Re: 1.5 release - field suggestions

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Upgrade should always retain your settings. But if you want to be extra sure backup the %appdata%\foobar2000 directory before running the installer.

Re: 1.5 release - field suggestions

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Ok, the memorized field values have been retained, the field names (autocomplete) have not.

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